Jen & Drew

Ahh, I love Beach Weddings. I had the opportunity to photograph this fantastic couple's wedding in La Jolla. Also, this is my 3rd Apple wedding (The vows were read off an iPad!)

Joe & Barb Chott

I just realized I hadn't posted any of these photos here yet! My good friend Joe asked me to shoot his wedding (I had to pay him back for shooting mine. ;) and here is just a sample of what we got.

Amanda & Fam, Take 2!

They're back again! The shoot started with everyone donned on their Halloween costumes, which was a blast! We had a great time shooting in trees, and then we hung around while the kids ran around the playground and got some great stuff there too!

Cesia & Chris

What a beautiful wedding up in Salt Lake City! We had a great shoot around the Salt Lake Temple grounds, I've seen a lot of wedding photos there and I'm quite happy to have had the chance to give it a shot myself (no pun intended.)

Baby Caleb

Here are some photos of what's been taking up most of my time and keeping me up at night.

Amanda & Vince

This was the funnest wedding I've ever been to! Everyone had such a great time, myself included! It was absolutely beautiful. Thanks for having me be a part of your wedding, it was fantastic.

Mike's Wedding

A very good friend of mine got married! I took my camera and played around a bit during the wedding.

Family Self Portrait

We decided to go take some photos since we both got new glasses! This wouldn't have been possible without my Voice-Activated Light Stands (My parents - thanks guys!)

Cesia in Snow

We had such a fun time shooting this.  An extra thanks for everyone getting frozen to make this happen!

Emily & Jake

Emily & Jake had an awesome wedding. I absolutely adored the hats! Congratz!